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F. C. Sondhi & Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd., established in 1961, specialises in the development and manufacturing of top quality cricket equipment. We are original equipment manufacturers and manufacture for big brands worldwide. Our strength is in delivering as per the customers’ specifications. We are passionate about following rules and the appreciation from our clients and patrons makes it easy for us to keep us going on the same lines.

Our very modest, ‘Garden Factory’ spreads over an area of 20 acres, 70% of which is landscaped with lush green lawns, complete with an in-house International size Cricket Ground. We have a family of around 380 persons on board to help achieve the targets at the end of each day. The highly motivated team members respect each other and have a mutual feeling to coordinate and cooperate among themselves, more so because it is in the culture of the organization.

We strive to make it better than anyone else. All this becomes not only possible but conveniently smooth to achieve because of our systematic and organized set-up. With the evolution of ‘fashion-conscious’ generation of players, the Research and Development team works consistently to improve the look, feel, quality, durability, playability and design of the products manufactured.

We provide the best working conditions in the industry. All the work stations are made ergonomically comfortable to avoid any ‘long-term’ or ‘work-induced’ ailment. All the production halls are spacious, well lit and ventilated for healthy working environment.


"Service is our Passion, People are our Strength."

CSR Activity


Our CSR Mission defines itself in the following lines

To reach out with compassion to those in need among the local community through our F. C. Sondhi Charitable Trust.

To respect each and every individual working at any level in the company.

Working Conditions
To provide the very best working conditions and environment to work in – to give everyone a chance to see some greenery from wherever they sit in the campus.

To reduce generation of waste and recycle most of what is generated.


The strategy followed to achieve the mission set out for ourselves is as follows

Reach out to maximum people in need through FCS Charitable Trust and provide them with the desired aid with minimal inconvenience to them.

Provide equal opportunity to our employees for growth and development on personal and professional level.

Working Conditions
Indulge in the best manufacturing practices which provide a healthy and safe working atmosphere to those engaged directly and indirectly in the manufacturing processes.

Optimally utilize all the resources engaged in achieving commercial targets and exercise waste management strategies to recycle the waste or dispose it off responsibly.


We have tried and contributed our bit in all the four sectors of the CSR sphere.


  • Our dedicated charitable trust looks after the old and dependent of the society along with providing educational aid to the school and college going children.
  • The focus has been to encourage parents to send their children to school and keep them there, at least for basic education.
  • For uplifting the socio-economic status of the rural women, two training centres are being operated in two villages, providing training to the ladies of the villages and developing them into independent and confident citizens.
  • On-the-job training is provided to the freshers-out-of-college for making them more employable.


  • Health and Safety of the employees being a major concern – all the work stations have been ergonomically designed so that no employee suffers from any ‘work induced’ or ‘occupational’ disease.
  • Scholarships are provided to the employees for higher education and self development and education of their children.
  • ‘Dignity of labour’ being of paramount importance for us, no operation is carried out on the floor.
  • Creative and dedicated sessions are conducted for self-awareness and career-planning of the employees at all levels.
  • Awareness sessions, based on the theme, ‘There must be a better way’, are conducted in small groups to educate shop-floor employees on the new developments and practices used successfully world wide. They are called ‘Employees’ Commitment’ sessions and are attended by top management as well.
  • We celebrate birthdays of all our employees (in a monthly birthday party).

Working Conditions

  • Personal Protective Equipment is provided to employees where ever required.
  • Training and awareness sessions are conducted to motivate them to use such equipment in the right way for their benefit.


  • Different coloured bins are used to collect different types of waste so that their disposal can be done in the best way.
  • Trees are planted in and around the premises. Additions are done every six months.
  • Lawns and gardens are maintained by dedicated gardeners.
  • We have been using electric trolleys for the transportation of goods within the premises. Last year, the number of trolleys was tripled.
  • We use electric scooters for our field work outside the factory.
  • Interest free loans are given to employees to buy such electric scooters.
  • Rain water harvesting and water conservation have been taken up seriously. Measures are being taken to reduce wastage of water in the production processes as well.
  • Under effective waste management system, it has been decided in principle to make compost out of all bio-degradable waste.
  • 100 trees were added to the plantation in the premises.
  • Free tea and free lentils at lunch time are served to all employees every day.
  • The families of all the employees are invited to attend the Annual Function (organized in the form of a fun fair) and served free lunch.
  • Various appreciation awards are distributed to the winners along with an annual gift for all.
  • We use paper shredders for disposing off waste paper, which is then sold to the vendors engaged in recycling them.
  • Cross-training and multi-skilling is practiced at all levels to make our employees more employable. To encourage the drive, awards are given to those completing the target number of hours in various departments / on various jobs.
  • Solar Energy is being generated & used in the factory.
  • Free Eye Check Up Camp organised for all employees.
  • F.C. Sondhi & Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd. has been supporting Satya Bharti school at Hussainpura (Punjab) by contributing Rs. 10,00,000 annually.
  • Being a small organization and engaged in a relatively smaller industry with high level of competition, cost plays a major role in implementing such policies. The cost of such ventures can not be shared with the clients in the race to remain competitive, so some fruitful and very beneficial projects are hindered because of the huge monies involved which in the short term definitely render them unachievable.
  • Another challenge is dealing with people who are resistant to change and new ideas. This however has improved with the transition in culture and technology.
  • We endeavour to implement our CSR plans as congenially as possible. For this we try and take the consent of the people involved in the implementation of the process.
  • Being gradualists in our approach, we give ample time for all to accept and absorb the changes and then move on to the next step.
  • We are members of SGFI (
  • We run the Jalandhar Collection Center for ‘GOONJ’ (
  • We support a number of local & national charities.

We have not applied formally anywhere but have received a lot of kudos from numerous visitors on the working conditions we are providing, which they say are unique and comparable to the best factories in the world.


We only report to the brands for whom we manufacture.

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